Bobby and Friends is our newest book for children. It is a collection of ten short stories for children ages 2-11 available on Amazon in paperback, hardback, and E-book. A companion coloring book is also available. Now available on Audible. This book is available for purchase at the Sunshine Book Company at 647 Lake Ave. in Clermont, FL 6077.

Twenty-seven pencil drawings keep children’s attention.

When ordering, ignore the Amazon “out of stock” notice. These books are print-on-demand.

Autographed Combo Pack

This pack includes an autographed paperback and a coloring book. Also, included is an 8-1/2″ x 11″ signed page suitable for framing. The author will sign the paperback and stamp it with a Bobby “pawprint.”


Autographed Hardback

This offer is for a 6′ x 9″ autographed hardback “Bobby and Friends” book. The author will sign the paperback and stamp it with a Bobby “pawprint.”


New Release Ronald C. Milburn: A book for boys and girls ages 11-15 available on Amazon.

A recluse helps two brothers and their friends hunt for a stash of gold coins hidden years before by a bank robber. An adult gang is also hunting for the gold, and a bumbling deputy interferes with everything. It’s a fun adventure with lots of action and humor.

Ronald Milburn’s books are available at Sunshine Book Company in Clermont, Florida.

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